Preparing for your visit

There is a lot to cover on our first visit. In order to get the most out of the time we have together, there are some things you can do to prepare and save time. 

Intake form

Although this is not mandatory to complete prior to my visit, completing the intake form I send via email will save us about 15-20 minutes of our appointment time. 

Feeding time

It is helpful if your baby will be ready to eat about a half hour after our scheduled appointment time. This allows us time time to talk and do weight checks before your baby is starving. This does not always work out obviously so do not stress! I will do my best to contact you before your appointment and confirm the timing will work with your baby's next meal. If there is flexibility available we can work together to change the time slightly, if not we will make it work!

A clear space

I will need a cleared, flat surface to place my scale for the weight checks. This can be a table or the floor. I will weigh the baby with a clean dry diaper, which they will wear until the after weight is complete. 


I do love animals but some animals have strong reactions to strangers especially after a new baby arrives. I do ask that you have animals in different room during our visit. 

Helpful information

Having some information ready for our visit helps me get the information I need quickly and allows us more time to work on any issues you are having. Information I may ask for includes:

  • Dates and most recent weights.
  • Number of wet and dirty diapers in last 24 hours. 
  • If pumping, number of times per day and average amount per pump.
  • If supplementing, the total amount in ounces per day, amount per feeding and how much breast milk and/or formula is being used. 


Along with my intake forms, there are links to my Notices of Privacy, my Consent Form and my Non-Discrimination statement at the bottom of this page. If you could read over them prior to our visit that would be great. I will provide you with a copy of the Consent Form to sign before we precede with our visit. If you have any questions concerning the form you can ask before signing. We will not be able to proceed with our visit if you refuse to sign. 


Please review my payment policy.