Educate. Support. Inspire.

Helping you reach YOUR breastfeeding goals!

Educate. Support. Inspire.

Helping you reach YOUR breastfeeding goals!


What We Do


Prenatal Consults

Prenatal visits are great time to  clarify your goals, ask questions and learn about what you can expect in the early days of breastfeeding. This is also a great way to get family involved so they can ask questions and find ways to help support you in your new breastfeeding journey. 


Lactation Consults

If you are having an issue or just looking for reassurance, a lactation consult once your baby has arrived is a great way to get off on the right foot. Get specific care plans customized to you and your family's needs, problem solve and work towards your breastfeeding goals with confidence!


Back to work and weaning Consults

Going back to work and unsure how to make breastfeeding work while away from your baby? Or have things changed and you are unsure how to end your breastfeeding relationship? We are here to support which ever way your journey leads and give you the information necessary for any transition you may experience!

Intimate, personalized care

Please contact us directly with any or scheduling inquiries you may have.   

Fax any documents to (844) 491-0925.

Emergency Service:
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